Being the pioneers of Health Care Research across the World
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As Expert Medical Researchers, we strive to move towards a Healthier, Happier and Disease Free World!

At CDSCNI, we consider ourselves as the Front-Runners of the Health Care Fraternity, moving towards a brighter future!

Alcohol and Drug Testing

Increasing alcohol and drug abuse has its long lasting affects over the lives of people either directly or indirectly. Whether it is a case of parent asking the custody of his/her child or a case of approving a pilot to take on the next flight or even a decision to allow a prisoner to go for a juvenile treatment; the decision in most of these cases is backed up on the history of alcohol and drug abuse.* The court also needs a proof confirming or rejecting the cases based on the history of several drugs, the drugs that have an effect of altering the state, behaviour and/or action of a person undergoing a trail. People under the influence of drugs are not in a position to think and act judiciously even for themselves, lets forget about others.* Several types of is available in the market but you can only rely on a couple of highly advanced R&D testing labs. The lab must have a team of expert staff and experience to understand the requirements as well as the implications of the test results. These test reports have the power to change lives and thus it calls for an utmost attention in conducting only scientifically proven testing methods.* These services are used in family cases related to the custody of a child, child protection and the residence cases wherein a parental substance use may be suspected. The court may ask the test results as an evidence to confirm that there has not been any drug or alcohol misuse in long term. These services consists of a list of several tests such as blood alcohol tests, hair drug tests, hair alcohol tests etc.* Several industries such as transport & logistics,

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We have innumerable people associated with our research center, who have loads of wonderful things share about us. Read on!

Taylor Bradshaw
Sew-Fro Fabrics

I think the medical research team at CDSCNI is doing a wonderful job of conducting extensive research on a number of life threatening diseases, and conducting tests in order to bring about the best cures for them as well.

Kian Stone
Paper Cutter

CDSCNI is without any doubt, one of the most advanced and leading research and development organizations in the field of medicine, clinical research as well as health care facilities in general. The institute is renowned for its exceptional standards all over the world.

Lewis Woodward
Schaak Electronics

I have been associated with the vaccination research programme of CDSCNI since the past several years, and it goes without saying that I have never come across a better medical research facility prior to my stint with the team here!
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Being the pioneers of Health Care Research across the World
Being the pioneers of Health Care Research across the World
Being the pioneers of Health Care Research across the World